Ebilcorp. A name you can tust.

EbilCorp is a for-evil corporation. We specialize in doom, destruction, corruption, and “hostile take-overs.” We realize there is more to life than just money. There is MORE money. Ebilcorp’s mission is to keep going until we have all of it. Our products and services have been changing and ending countless lives. We’re aware that there are still many people out there who have hope and dreams. Rest assured, EbilCorp is already doing its part to fix that too.  Our new “make the world a darker place” program is targeting successful websites across the internet that have been building strong communities and creating innovative projects. Ebilcorp intends to buy these properties and make a fortune off them. If they do not sell out to us, Ebilcorp will run them into the ground. Join us. Or else.

We’re also hiring! Positions now available for hackers, software pirates, ninjas, dentists, clowns, and more.  

Now Hiring

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