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EbilCorp is a for-profit corporation with the largest net profits and lowest cost-per-employee in the world. We are a company of innovators, inventors, and craftsmen. Each year we strive to find the biggest and best products, software, and ideas and incorporate them into our own product offerings.

As you can imagine, none of our success would be possible without hiring skilled people such as yourself. Whether you are a henchman, ninja, hacker, software pirate, assassin, clown, espionage specialist, mad scientist, vampire, lawyer, infomercialist, telemarketer, or sacrificial pawn, we are sure that your skills will prove to be invaluable in the growth of the company. Take the first step in starting a very rewarding career with EbilCorp, and submit an application below.

(Examples: Agent Smith, Mr Chickenfeet, Larry the human stapler, Chuck)
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